When talking about additives for concrete, Bencon A/S is one of the market-leading suppliers due to our extensive experience, not least in the dry concrete industry.

We are considered specialists within the dry concrete industry, and many customers therefore use us as a sparring partner when it comes to producing new recipes, optimizing production, etc.

We provide an additive program, which ranges from the traditional additives over air-pore agent and superplasticizer to the known polycarboxylates which are used when producing vibration-free concrete.

Within the additive program, we also have fibers. We sell and distribute polypropylene fibers (for wear layers), macro fibers (for replacement of reinforcement mesh, among other things) and glass fibers for special productions.

We meet the following:

Annex ZA in relation to EN 934-2:2001 / EN 934-2:2001/A2:2005 / EN 934-6:2001 / EN 934-6:2001/A1:2005

This means that we are CE-approved supplier for the concrete industry.

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