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We supply chemistry to the concrete industry

May each day be a colorful day​

​Proud supporter of The Danish Childhood Cancer Organisation 2022/23

Bencon Kemi​ A/S is proud to be able to support the nationswide patient organisation 'The Danish Childhood Cancer Organisation'  this year.

Bencon Kemi strives for a greener​ industry

​For 35 years Bencon Kemi A/S has produced mold oils and release agents based on vegetable oils, which has a significantly smaller impact on the rest of the environment and nature than the traditional mineral oil-based products. In addition, it also contributes to a better work environment.

A clear philosophy at Bencon Kemi A/S is to try to produce our products as environmentally friendly as possible - of course taking into account that the products still retain their full function. This has resulted in the fact that we are the proud owners of several DGNB-sustainability certified products today.

Furthermore, we continuously work actively for sustainable solutions within all areas of our company – from our production to the light sources in our lamps. By keeping up to date on green initiatives in the construction industry and seeking out relevant external partners and collaborations that can contribute with new green methods and initiatives, we constantly seek to improve our sustainable profile and advance our green initiatives.

We are strong suppliers in fibers and colors for concrete and all our recipes are developed by ourselves, where suppliers as well as materials are carefully selected. That way, we can be completely certain that the products are manufactured exactly as the formulations require.

As a small chemical company, we depend on the success of our customers, and we take great pride in meeting our customers' wishes and developing together with the customers. We want to demonstrate that a confidential partnership with Bencon A/S leads to stable future solutions and lays a good foundation for our customers' successes.

Bencon Kemi A / S, "May each day be a colorful day"

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