Mold oils/release agents for the concrete industry

Many of our mold oils are based on various vegetable oils which in addition to contributing to a good work environment also have a significant smaller impact on the rest of the environment and nature than the traditional mineral oil-based products.

We are very committed to our ability to offer more sustainable solutions than previously and we are proud owners of several DGNB-certified products.

Our range of products also includes water and soap-based products which are used for casting boards and in the production of concrete- and care products.

Our products have many different applications

​The products in this section regards mold oils and other products for the following applications:

  • Production for concrete elements
  • ​Preservatives for concrete mixers and ready-mix trucks
  • ​Release agents for production of concrete pipes
  • Release agents for agriculture concrete products
  • ​Release agents for block paving machines
  • ​Care products for casting boards
  • ​Oils for construction sites
  • Wax for construction production

​Virtually all of our products for concrete are liquid and are best applied with a hand sprayer or spraying equipment. We sell such sprayers, as well as a comprehensive program of spare parts and various nozzles.

In addition, we can help with concrete colors og concrete fibers. See our references.

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